2019 / 05 / 09

Fans from the following territories and countries can tune in to coverage of the IAAF World Relays Yokohama 2019 on Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 May.

Fans from territories and countries not listed here can watch the championships via live stream on the IAAF’s YouTube channel.

As always, check local listings for the broadcast schedule and intentions – live coverage, delayed coverage or highlights – in your area.

Benin – StarTimes
Botswana – BTV, StarTimes
Burundi – StarTimes
Cameroon – StarTimes
Central African Republic – StarTimes
Chad – StarTimes
Congo – StarTimes
DR Congo – StarTimes
Eritrea – StarTimes
Ethiopia – StarTimes
Gabon – StarTimes
Chana – StarTimes
Guinea – StarTimes
Guinea-Bissau – StarTimes
Ivory Coast – StarTimes
Kenya – StarTimes
Liberia – StarTimes
Madagascar – StarTimes
Malawi – StarTimes
Mozambique – StarTimes
Namibia – StarTimes
Nigeria – StarTimes
Rwanda – StarTimes
Senegal – StarTimes
South Africa – StarTimes
Tanzania – StarTimes
Uganda – StarTimes
Zambia – StarTimes

Anguilla – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Antigua and Barbuda – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Argentina – ESPN International, TyC Sports
Aruba – ESPN International
Bahamas – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Barbados – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Barbuda – ESPN International
Belize – Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN), Television Jamaica
Bermuda – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Bolivia – ESPN International, TyC Sports
Bonaire – ESPN International
Brazil – Globosat
British Virgin Islands – Television Jamaica
Canada – CBC
Cayman Islands – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Chile – ESPN International, TyC Sports
Colombia – ESPN International, TyC Sports
Costa Rica – ESPN International, TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Curacao – ESPN International
Dominica – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Dominican Republic – ESPN International, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Ecuador – ESPN International, TyC Sports
El Salvador – ESPN International, TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Falkland Islands – ESPN International
French Guiana – ESPN International
Grenada – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Guadeloupe – ESPN International
Guatemala – ESPN International, TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Guyana – Television Jamaica
Haiti – ESPN International
Honduras – ESPN International, TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Jamaica – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Martinque – ESPN International
Mexico – ESPN International, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Montserrat – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Nicaragua – ESPN International, TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Panama – ESPN International, TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Paraguay – ESPN International, TyC Sports
Peru – ESPN International, TyC Sports
Puerto Rico – NBC Universal and NBC
St Barthelemy – ESPN International
St Kitts and Nevis – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
St Lucia – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
St Maarten – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Television Jamaica
Suriname – Television Jamaica
Trinidad & Tobago – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Turks & Caicos – ESPN International, Television Jamaica
Uruguay – ESPN International, TyC Sports
US Virgin Islands – NBC Universal and NBC
USA – NBC Universal and NBC
Venezuela – ESPN International, TyC Sports

Bahrain – Abu Dhabi Media
Bangladesh – STAR Sports India
Bhutan – STAR Sports India
China – CCTV
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – Galaxia SM
India – STAR Sports India
Iran – Abu Dhabi Media
Iraq – Abu Dhabi Media
Japan – TBS
Kuwait – Abu Dhabi Media
Maldives – STAR Sports India
Nepal – STAR Sports India
Oman – Abu Dhabi Media
Pakistan – STAR Sports India
Palestine – Abu Dhabi Media
Qatar – Abu Dhabi Media
Republic of Korea – Galaxia SM
Saudi Arabia – Abu Dhabi Media
Sri Lanka – STAR Sports India
Syria – Abu Dhabi Media
United Arab Emirates (including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khamimeh, Umm Al Quwain and Sharjah) – Abu Dhabi Media
Yemen – Abu Dhabi Media

Belarus – BTRC
Belgium – RTL
Bosnia – Arena Sport
Croatia – HRT, Arena Sport
Denmark – TV2
Italy – RAI
Kosovo – Arena Sport
Macedonia – Arena Sport
Montenegro – Arena Sport
Norway – NRK
Poland – TVP
Russia – MatchTV
Serbia – Arena Sport
Slovenia – Arena Sport
Spain – TVE
Sweden – TV4
Turkey – TRT

Australia – Eurosport
New Zealand – Sky Network NZ



Tickets are now on sale.


11 - 12th May 2019